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Welcome to London TMJ Centre

London TMJ Centre has been providing a professional and effective treatment for TMJ conditions since 2013. Over the years we've continued to adapt our approach to TMJ treatment focusing on correcting the cause of patients' TMJ conditions. 

Many TMJ conditions are associated with degeneration of the jaw joint, leading to discomfort, muscle spasm, joint creaking, popping and in more advanced stages, locking as well as facial asymmetry. TMJ degeneration can be caused by a number of factors and we consistently find that in many instances, TMJ degeneration is a result of long term poor jaw and neck alignment. These can often be corrected with appropriate TMJ treatment.

Our approach to TMJ treatment, through TMJ physiotherapy combined with concepts adapted from orthotropics, can address both the long term biomechanical factors as well as the shorter term symptoms such as discomfort and muscle spasm. We find that if your TMJ condition is associated with neck pain, poor posture or headaches, our approach to TMJ treatment is likely to help you. 

Why Choose Us?

Many TMJ conditions respond very well to appropriate TMJ treatment.

We focus on:
  • Professional and effective TMJ Treatment
  • Thorough assessment of your condition
  • Correction of underlying causes.
  • Lasting results.
  • Non-invasive treatment. 
  • Helping you understand and self manage your condition.
  • We will direct you to a relevant specialist if we find our approach to TMJ treatment is not appropriate for your TMJ condition.

 For prompt and effective TMJ treatment please call us on 020 8849 5628 or book online.